Welcome to Remarkable nutrition – a website dedicated to all things health and nutrition. It’s a platform and a project, a port of call for those in question and need of alternative to improve health, lose weight, have more energy or simply for those,Β  who enjoy learningΒ  and sharing the knowledge and experience about their journey to wellness.

Remarkable Nutrition approach:

  1. Motivation – it all starts within, although nothing can really start if we aren’t having fun, at least a little bit. Remarkable nutrition is all about bringing fun and optimism back into the picture.
  2. Personalised nutrition – it’s all about your journey. The things you like, the foods you enjoy and the lifestyle you want to live.
  3. Embrace yourself – admitting to not knowing how to start can open up powerful and life-changing collaborations and lead into unique experiences. Allow some flexibility into your life and watch.
  4. Get clear with what you want to achieve. Day dreaming and goal setting is like dreaming about a holiday or booking one. We are all about packing the bags.
  5. Break through – sometimes life may feel a little stuck and you may be tempted to pretend as if it wasn’t, but telling yourself that you can “do it myself” will only keep you stuck in this vicious circle. Instead –Β  get a mentor or ask your family or friends to help you and embrace new experiences.
  6. Start small – well, not literally, but setting small reachable goals is a powerful technique to reaching your full potential. In fact, you can’t finish a 150km marathon without running a 10km challenge.
  7. Practice mindfulness. It’s easy to get carried away with your thoughts, but staying present at each moment in your life will clear off the self-critical thoughts and doubts and allow you to concentrate and experience life (and food) each and every second.
  8. Learn more. Education is fantastic thing, and learning have certainly done no harm to anyone, but we often spend so much time learning about things around us than the things that are within us. We are all about digging deep.
  9. Little bits – the hardest parts are not techincal ones, but emotional, it’s the ‘little’ in between bits that we keep telling ourself that shape our behaviour, attitude and success rate. Support yourself with a load of positivity.
  10. Be patient – some say “life is short” some say “time flies by”. Our favourite though is by Earl Nightingale – “Never give up on your dream ( or goal), just because of the time it will take to accoplish it. The time will pass anyway.”







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