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The ultimate New Years resolution. Ever!

I know, I know – not another New Years resolution. But what if I told you that this time – it will work, huh? And its the resolution of all resolutions. All you need is – people: family, friends, co-workers. Including people you don’t like and people who don’t like you, trust me.

So what the heck will this resolution be all about, I hear you ask. Simple – you will nominate people around you to do it for you. Still not making sense? Here’s what I mean:

Let’s say you have this incredible goal for 2018 to become the ultimate version of yourself – sexy, fit, bad ass educated, fun, active, productive, friendly, helpful, etc, etc… but you actually can’t handle the thought of another resolution, because about 20 of those in the past have failed? Well, this time we’ll put the power of ‘connection’ into the game.

Team work

It will require only one tiny little detail of action though. You will have to admit (to your crowd) that you need help or otherwise convince people around you to help. And the best convincing technique I know is  – the benefit. Let people know they will actually benefit from helping you by ways of learning something new, perhaps participating in the same goal as you or maybe by making them a cup of tea/coffee in the morning. Deal done.

So now – friends, family and others, listen up! Your job will be to do one thing and one thing only for ‘me’ this year, every day in and out. Your job will be to motivate ‘me’ to (for example):

(Mom) eat healthy and help prepare healthy meals,

(Dad) finally learn handy man’s tricks around the house or simply to sit straight at a dinner table;

(Friends) stop making bad influence and seriously help you stop smoking and call you for a morning run every day – rain or shine.

(Colleagues) stop snacking on workplace junk, because you have a goal and that processed garbage that goes around the office every birthday is seriously not your responsibility. Or for God’s sake, take charge and make a deal with your managing director to turn this office into health hub. Benefit? – Fruit and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and contrary to processed carbohydrates, come naturally attached to fibre, which means that sugars will be absorbed slower – so no 3pm crashes, healthier, happier team meaning better productivity and a seriously caring attitude. Which MD wouldn’t want that??

(People that don’t like you) make sure they know the opposite of what you want to achieve, because usually, they’ll do anything to gainsay you.

(People that you don’t like)  give them most power. Let them polish you, because chances are high that the reason you actually don’t like them, is because they remind you of something that’s you.

Oh and last but not least. Accept no A man of the word is a man of the word, which means if they don’t do their job – they don’t get their benefit. Simple.



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